7 Natural Ways to Remove Mold from Walls in Your Home | February 16, 2024


Get rid of annoying odors, ugly appearances and threats to your health

Moisture in the walls is a common problem in most homes, compromising not only the aesthetic appearance of the home, but the health of the entire family. The fog begins to bleed the paint, peeling the stucco and even filling the surface of the walls with fungus and mold. Therefore, it is good that you know how to remove moisture from walls.

7 ways to remove moisture from walls

The presence of moisture in the walls is really dangerous as it can lead to serious respiratory problems in people. For all this, it is very important to control it, know the causes and intervene in time with a good solution. To follow, tactics are exposed to eliminate humidity from walls.



Chlorine is a good ally for eliminating mold and humidity. Of course, you need to be careful when handling it. Construction experts advise dissolving it in 3 parts water.

Once the chlorine is diluted, you can clean the wall with a brush to remove moisture.



Yes, the talcum powder generally used for babies is an ideal product to eliminate humidity from the walls. Sprinkle talcum powder on the affected areas and rub it with a dry cloth. Then you have to wait for the dust to penetrate. Finally, you must repeat this action as many times as necessary until the signals are removed.

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