A clean bathtub in 5 minutes without using bleach. You will only need one ingredient | February 18, 2024


The bathroom is the room in the house that tends to get dirty very quickly. To clean it, you don’t need to use chemical-laden cleaning products like bleach. Some grandma’s tricks are effective for removing dirt, traces of limescale in the bathtub and bad odors. You discover very effective ecological detergents for cleaning the bathtub, removing dirt residues and yellow stains.

Over time, the tub may develop unsightly stains. Despite regular cleaning, these can persist. To remove dirt from your bathtub and restore it to its former glory, some natural products are terrific. Here are two powerful cleaners to remove yellow stains and clean your tub optimally.

What are two grandmothers’ tips for getting rid of bathtub stains?

Traces of soap, shower gel, shampoo or other hygiene products, hair clogging the pipes or even mold can make your bathroom dirty. When the bathtub is also faced with unsightly traces, the transition to the bathtub becomes much less pleasant. However, the bathtub should be a place where we take time for ourselves, where we pamper our body and where we relax after a hard day at work. To take care of the maintenance of your bathtub, there are very effective products to know. These 2 natural tips can clean the tub and fight yellow marks caused by limescale:

  1. The first tip for a spotless bathtub: baking soda
  2. Baking soda is a household product that has many uses  . It thoroughly cleans surfaces, degreases pots and pans or removes stubborn stains. To clean the bathtub and eliminate those unsightly yellow marks, all you have to do is mix the baking soda with a little water. Mix until you get a paste, then dip a sponge in this paste. All you have to do is scrub all the surfaces of your bathtub with this sponge and let the product work for 10 minutes. Rinse to remove the product and use a dry cloth to dry the tub. If the yellow spots resist this method, repeat the operation twice a week.


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