A sparkling clean house, these ingredients are enough: everything is as good as new again. | February 20, 2024


Having a sparkling clean house without hard work is the dream of anyone who has to deal with household chores, whether they are a woman or a man.

Doing it with only natural ingredients and seeing everything come back as good as new may not just be a dream, but an applicable reality. Are you curious to know what it is?

Housework, a necessary job
Unless you want to end up in one of those programmes that only a company specialising in cleaning and disinfestation can free you from, the house is taken care of and cleaned more or less every day.

The smarter ones, those who work outside the home and those who cannot afford a maid, draw up a kind of road map, in which for each day of the week they have to take care (compulsorily) of the housework.


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