Apple Crisp Cheesecake Bread | October 11, 2023


Apple Crisp Cheesecake Bread is an easy fall baking recipe for super moist, cake-like, homemade bread packed with apple chunks, smooth cream cheese filling, and irresistible crisp topping. Although it is called bread, it tastes like a delicious cake baked in a loaf pan. Assembling the loaf is so easy, bakers of any skill level can manage this recipe, although it has a few extra steps.

This Apple Crisp Cheesecake Bread recipe is a combo of homemade cinnamon apple bread, apple cheesecake, and fall favorite-apple crisp.

The bread is buttery moist and cake-like with plenty of apples dotted in each slice and a layer of cream cheese in the center.

Why You’ll Love This Apple Bread Recipe with Cream Cheese Filling:
Delicious, fall comfort food loaded with warm spices
The perfect excuse to eat dessert for breakfast
Great for snacks, breakfast, and very satisfying fall dessert
Smells wonderful while it bakes-cinnamon and apples will warm your home
Easy to make
Buttery and extra moist
It tastes even better on day 2 if lasts that long!


You need only the basic ingredients for apple bread dough

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