BABY CARROT POT PIE | October 4, 2023

Chicken pot pie rates as a beloved dish in the United States. This vegetarian-friendly baby carrot pot pie uses all the same flavors as the traditional meat pie, using sliced baby carrots in place of the chicken. The creamy herb-infused gravy pairs perfectly with the tender carrots and flaky puff pastry crust. The cooked carrots also give a delicious sweetness to the pie.
The recipe makes one full-size pot pie, but this dish can be pre-portioned into ramekins before baking, if you prefer. Add other vegetables such as diced potatoes or peas to the filling mixture for even more flavor and texture. This sweet and savory dish will satisfy vegetarians looking for a comforting, hearty meal on a cold night, or works well as a side dish for a holiday table.

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