Black silicone in the bathroom, if you do this it comes back as if you just bought it | February 19, 2024


An incredible and effective method that will help you make silicone that has turned black in the bathroom look new again. It’s an incredible system.

We explain how to prevent the  silicone  in your bathroom from blackening over the years and, above all, how to make it look new again.

Black silicone in the bathroom, how to prevent it from turning black

Who hasn’t noticed that the silicone in their bathroom  is getting darker ? Fortunately, there are methods to prevent this process, which we are sure will prove effective.

Firstly, we recommend  cleaning regularly with mild detergent and lukewarm water. This can help remove dirt and moisture that can cause silicones to stain.


Also avoid using harsh or abrasive products on silicones  as they can damage the material and cause it to darken. Dry silicones regularly with a soft cloth to remove moisture and prevent staining.

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