Cinnamon Baked French Toast | September 18, 2023


Cinnamon baked French toast is one of those recipes you always want to keep in your back pocket. Hosting a holiday brunch? Feeding a load of hungry teens? Trying to impress distinguished house guests? Cinnamon baked French toast—it’s one of those breakfast casseroles for every crowd and every occasion. Plus you can assemble it the night before and slide it into your oven the next morning. Ta-da! Breakfast is served.

You can either make this a moist, bread pudding-like dish… or bake it a little longer for something crispier. You can also sprinkle on fruit before adding the crumb topping and even add chopped pecans to said crumb topping. Get creative! I like serving it with good, crispy bacon or breakfast sausage and a yummy fruit salad.

Why is my baked French toast soggy?


Your bread might have been too soft to begin with. I like to make mine with one of THE best breads for French toast: a crusty loaf of sourdough or French bread. It works even better if it’s a day old!

What is the trick to making good French toast?

The best French toast starts with a good custard. I use a mix of milk and heavy cream to make it taste extra rich. The second important component is the bread: It should be nice and crusty.

What is the most common mistake in making French toast?


Overdoing it… or underdoing it! You want your French toast to be crisp on the outside and soft on the inside (same goes for a French toast casserole). Just keep an eye on the heat: If it’s too high, you’ll over-brown the outside before the inside has a chance to cook. If the heat is too low, you won’t get that beautiful golden color on the outside and the great contrast in textures.


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