Classic Pumpkin Pie | August 7, 2023


Classic pumpkin pie recipe with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and black pepper-infused in the creamy custard. This festive holiday treat is baked in a delicious flaky crust!

For this Fall season, I made a classic pumpkin pie recipe so that I could always have an ace in my pocket for holiday gatherings. Pies are one of the seasonal staple desserts people have come to expect after a nice dinner. Without it, you feel like something’s just not right.

Making pumpkin pie is a tall order because there are expectations, so you have to nail the recipe. I’m happy to say that after trying out many varieties over the years, I finally found the best combination of sweetness, creamy texture, and tender, flaky crust.


Essential Tips To Making Pumpkin Pie From Scratch
Custard Filling– This consists of eggs, milk, and cornstarch. The eggs allow the custard to set, so it holds its shape after baking and then when it’s cut. The egg yolks, heavy cream, and whole milk give the creamy texture. The cornstarch adds a smooth thickness to the custard.

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