Cowboy cookies | August 6, 2023


Cowboy cookies are filled with nuts, chocolate chips and coconut flakes.This recipe has been pared down from Laura Bush’s famous cowboy cookie recipe to make 1 dozen cookies.

+Cowboy cookie recipe

I hope there is only one cowboy in your life because this recipe only has ten.
However, I didn’t create this recipe from scratch; I simply took former First Lady Laura Bush’s recipe and broke it in half.

If these cookies are good enough for the boss, they are good enough for me.


I had the privilege of visiting his farm in Crawford when I was in college and will never forget it.
I imagine Laura serving cowboy scones with apple juice from her garden.

To be honest, I didn’t know apples grew in Texas until I saw them in your orchard!

Well, let’s talk cowboy brownies.
Basically, it’s a chocolate chip cookie, but a few extra “things” have been added to it.

Delicious things like oatmeal, nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips.
These are thick cookies that I love! I think oatmeal does amazing things for baked cookies; It’s just my opinion.


In fact, I also have Ron Raisin French Toast on my site.
In my defense, rum is involved, so that you understand it is delicious.

Well, I have French toast for two, if that’s what you care most about.
Talk about less raisins and more chocolate chips, right? This cookie recipe only makes a dozen cookies, but you can fold them in and make more.

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