The technique that expert plumbers use to unclog toilet cisterns: now you know what to do | June 3, 2024


One of the most neglected areas of the toilet is the cistern, which can become clogged if left unattended for too long. The origin of the blockage is the lime that accumulates inside the cistern. Find out how our plumbers perform a thorough cleaning.

The technique used by expert plumbers to unclog toilet cisterns: now you know what to do

Without a cistern, the toilet is simply out of order. It is often overlooked and can become clogged by lime and other deposits. If you notice this problem, you don’t have to wait even a second.

Immediately carry out this basic treatment, which is the technique adopted by plumbers. These are the steps to follow:


Put on gloves and open windows and openings to ensure good ventilation;
Mix 50 g of citric acid with vinegar;
Pour the mixture into the cistern and leave it to act for one hour, enough time to soften the lime and dirt;
Once this time has elapsed, rinse generously with hot water;
Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if the problem has not been resolved;
When the cistern is clean, install it and test it.

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