Kitchen cutting board, the butchers’ secret to making it look new again | May 11, 2024


Foolproof method to make plastic cutting boards look new again: all butchers do it. Here is the secret.

Cutting boards are tools that we use very frequently. They act as a base to cut food without running the risk of ruining our table or the different shelves in the kitchen. After a few uses we can notice how its appearance changes. They are filled with scratches and, above all, , with large, deep stains that do not seem to disappear, even after a thousand washes.

In addition, cutting boards become a receptacle for bacteria and germs : they get into the channels caused by our knives. How can we disinfect cutting boards completely, killing germs and bacteria? And how can we remove these annoying stains ? The butchers reveal the secret to us .

The certified remedy

Butchers use this kitchen utensil daily: they use it practically all the time to give life to the slices of meat that they will display. They come to wash the cutting board several times a day: they know well what the secrets and the most effective techniques are to remove stains and eliminate cuts more superficial.


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