Vinegar on the mattress, grandma’s remedy: it ‘saves’ you during the night | May 13, 2024


The mattress welcomes us every night of the year, at any time of the year. You think it’s always clean because the sheets are constantly changed, but in reality it’s very dirty.

It is precisely on the mattress where dust and mites settle , which over time can also cause allergies and cause many health problems.

Mattress, the rules to always keep it clean

The mattress needs to be cleaned periodically , although you never know how to do it correctly. As grandmothers teach, first of all you never make your bed when it is still hot, that is, when you have just woken up.

The bed covered with sheets and duvets retains moisture and forms mold and stains. So the first rule to always respect, after getting up, is to ventilate the room for a while, leaving the mattress without sheets or cover, perhaps in the sun, for a few hours. This process serves to eliminate germs and bacteria as much as possible.


The heat of the sun dries all traces of moisture , but it is not enough because at this point we must proceed with the cleaning itself.

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