Bad laundry odor: use this ingredient to eliminate it effectively! | May 26, 2024


Bad smell from laundry? Use this natural ingredient to clean everything and eliminate any unpleasant odors lurking in the drum.

Does your laundry smell bad right out of the washing machine? It is not uncommon for clothes to smell bad immediately after washing them in the washing machine.

To solve this problem, there are natural remedies that allow you to say goodbye to the bad smell that forms inside the washing machine drum.

Thanks to this miraculous ingredient, it is possible to clean everything and eliminate bad odors that may form during the washing cycle.


Bad smell in laundry: what are the possible causes?

There are several possible causes of bad laundry smell in the washing machine.

First of all, not cleaning the washing machine properly. Lime deposits and detergent residue can damage both clothes and the appliance, reducing its useful life.

Once you have finished washing, take the clothes out of the washer immediately. Leaving wet clothes in the drum for long hours can contribute to the formation of bad odors.


Accumulating dirty clothes for several days also causes bad odors and mold to form on damp clothes, such as towels. Adding too much detergent to the compartment can also contribute to mold formation and cause unpleasant odors.

Eliminate bad odors from your washing machine: here is an exceptional remedy

Here is an exceptional remedy to eliminate bad odors that form inside the washing machine drum. Experts recommend adding a tablespoon of white vinegar and baking soda to whiten clothes and sanitize the washing machine drum.

They are two absolutely natural ingredients, environmentally friendly and easy to find in your pantry. Plus, you can save a lot of money because they are cheap ingredients.


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