To have milky white curtains, throw them in the washing machine – they will look new | May 26, 2024


Curtains that turn yellow or lose their luster over time? Here is the excellent natural remedy that will make them shine again.

White curtains
Very often, especially after many washes, even the best curtains can end up losing their characteristic bright white . Restoring the natural whiteness of curtains is possible and also very simple, all you need is a natural product available to everyone. Let’s see what it is and how to do it.

How to make curtains white again
White fabrics, even if treated in the best way, will tend to yellow and lose their natural shine over the years.

If you need to bleach any type of fabric, the first product you think of is bleach . The choice is not entirely wrong, because the purpose and main property of bleach is precisely whitening action. However, this type of product, in addition to not being exactly ecological, could damage the fibers of certain more delicate fabrics , whitening yes, but also giving a rough effect like “cooked fabric”. This is why it is preferable to use a more natural ingredient, very effective and having the same properties as bleach, but more fragrant.


This is pure Marseille soap , which can be used combined with a simple ingredient, which is also natural. Marseille soap is one of the best types of soap that can be used both for washing fabrics and linens, and for personal care and hygiene. It has excellent whitening properties, which is why it is often an ingredient in degreasers or white clothes detergents .

Marseille’s soap
Pure Marseille soap comes in solid form and is made only from natural ingredients, without additives or preservatives. A product that is also excellent for respecting nature. Very popular because it is also useful for pre-treating stains on fabrics, as well as for its unmistakable smell of clean laundry. The greatest property is precisely degreasing, despite the fact that it is a very delicate product, so much so that it is also suitable for skin care, even more than specially designed soaps.

So let’s see what ingredient we can use it with to restore shine to our white curtains.

Marseille soap for very white curtains
To help Marseille soap restore shine to white curtains, you can use a lemon. A citrus fruit rich in citric acid with cleansing and whitening properties. Using Marseille soap with lemon is very simple .


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