Choose the ring you would wear and find out what your destiny holds | June 4, 2024


Ancient Origins of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have existed since ancient times. In prehistory, people wove grass and tied it around the wrists, ankles, and waist to bind and control the spirit.

Discover How You Love

Try this unique test to reveal your love style. Choose a ring without overthinking, and it will show you what love means to you.

Ring 1: Pampered and Validated

You chose ring 1. Love makes you feel pampered. When loved, you feel that love brings out the best in you, making you brighter and more confident. Without love, you feel invisible. For you, love means validation. True love signifies wealth and certainty. When you love, you get fully involved; there are no half measures.

Ring 2: Comfortable and Giving

You chose ring 2. Love makes you feel comfortable and calm. You don’t need much else; love is enough for you to survive. Not being loved is a tragedy, and you lose hope quickly. True love means giving everything without expecting anything in return. Love does not keep score; it does not weigh itself.


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