Using Rice as Orchid Fertilizer: An Eco-Friendly and Economical Solution | May 27, 2024


Plant aficionados often choose orchids because of their extraordinary elegance and beauty. But it might be difficult to give orchids the ideal ratio of nutrients. Commercial orchid fertilizers are widely accessible, but they may grow costly and include chemicals that may not be compatible with environmentally friendly gardening techniques. Using rice as fertilizer is a sustainable and alternate method of feeding your orchids.

A vital tool in your orchid care regimen is rice, a staple diet for billions of people worldwide. It is abundant in vital elements, including potassium, phosphate, and nitrogen, all of which are necessary for the strong development and colorful flowers of orchids. Here’s how to fertilize your orchids with rice in an efficient and sustainable way:

1. Fertilizer for rice water:

Ingredients: Grain of raw rice


Directions: Place one or two teaspoons of raw rice into a small jar or container.
Add water to the rice until it is completely covered.

Give the rice a full day or two to soak in the water.
After discarding the rice grains, strain the rice water into a another container.
Use the same quantity of new water to dilute the strained rice water.

During the growth season (spring and summer), water your orchids once a month with this diluted rice water.

2. Mulch made of rice husk:


Ingredients: Rice husks, raw
Instructions: Cover the potting material for the orchid with a layer of raw rice husks.

Make sure the layer of rice husk is one to two inches thick.

The rice husks will gradually release nutrients into the potting mix as you water your orchids, giving them a steady and continuous supply of nutrition.

3. Compost Rice Bran:



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