BREAKING: 11 teams in the NFL are REJECTING pride month!!! | June 5, 2024

A growing backlash against the proliferation of Pride Month observances has reached the NFL, with the leaders of 11 teams announcing that their franchises will not be formally acknowledging the designation.


Approximately two-thirds of the league took to their social media platforms to share inclusive messages. Notably, the Washington Commanders, as reported by FOX News, highlighted the theme of love inherent in Pride Month, and joined the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles in altering their logo colors to mirror the rainbow hues of the Pride flag. However, amidst the widespread acknowledgment of the LGBTQ holiday, a notable silence emerged from certain quarters, reflecting a trend where an increasing number of Americans feel at ease refraining from singling out individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity for special commendation.

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