The Best Instant Pot Mac and Cheese Recipe | September 18, 2023


How to make Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot

I use this 6qt Instant Pot for all my recipes. I do know this also works well in the 8qt (and can be doubled in the large one too).

Add the uncooked macaroni pasta, water (and/or chicken broth), dry mustard, and salt and pepper to the Instant Pot. Close and lock lid and turn the valve on top to “sealing.” Press “manual” or “pressure cook” and adjust to high pressure. Set the time for 5 minutes. Allow to start.

Once the time is up, use the quick release immediately. Open the instant pot away from your face (learned the hard way). Using a wooden spoon, stir the pasta to break it up a little bit.

Add in milk, cheese, butter, and nutmeg. Stir until completely melted (takes about a minute). Season with more salt and pepper if needed. Serve and enjoy.


Tips and Tricks

  • You’ll need 4 cups of water for this recipe. I prefer to either use ALL chicken broth, or at least half chicken broth for best flavor! It really does make a difference. You could also use vegetable broth to keep it vegetarian.
  • Don’t skimp on the salt and pepper. I give a general amount in the ingredient list, but add more if desired. It really brings out the flavor.
  • Use good cheese. For the photos I used basic store brand cheddar cheese. But using a Cabot Cheddar would make this even more flavorful!
  • Also, for the cheese, shred your own, don’t use the already packaged, shredded cheese. It doesn’t melt as smoothly as it would if you buy a block and shred it yourself. Trust me.
  • For more depth of flavor, add a variety of cheese to the recipe. A combo of gouda and cheddar is delicious, or even mozzarella and cheddar is good too! Experiment!
  • You’ll find a lot of recipes for Instant Pot Mac and Cheese call for both evaporated milk and parmesan cheese. Personally I’m not a fan of either in this recipe (I tried it, and prefer my own method). I find it is much creamier with real milk (I used whole milk) and the parmesan left a slightly grainy texture. I wasn’t a fan.

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