Khachapuri Recipe (Georgian Cheese Bread) | September 18, 2023


Khachapuri, literally translated as “cheese bread” is sure to be the talk of the table as the main course for brunch or a side dish for dinner. Just imagine taking the individually cut pieces from the cheese bread “canoe”, and dipping it into the bubbly mixed filling. *drool*

What is Khachapuri? Let’s Break Down the Basics

Khachapuri is a Georgian signature dish that literally, when translated, means “cheese bread”. Khachapuri come in different shapes, depending on where you try them. They are either boat shaped, flat like a pizza, or enclosed like a pie such as Imeruli khachapuri. In our recipe, our khachapuri is shaped like a canoe or boat.

Now, every region has a slightly different tasting khachapuri. The American version of this recipe will also differ a bit from the traditional Georgian dish. More specifically because the traditional recipe opts for more salty, feta-like cheeses, while the American version tends to use milder, creamier cheeses.

  • Taste: Khachapuri combines the tastes of slightly sweet bread with flavorful cheese and a rich egg on top.
  • Texture: The texture is similar to a pizza. The crust is equally soft, chewy, and crispy. The filling is warm and cheesy, and the egg is cooked to preference.
  • Time: The dough takes only one hour to rise. Once assembled, khachapuri takes only 25 minutes to bake.

How To Make Khachapuri

Khachapuri is made in two parts: making the dough and assembling & baking. You can simplify your workload by completing the first step ahead of time and freezing the dough until ready to use!


Making the Dough

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