Keto Cheeseburger Casserole Skillet | September 18, 2023


One-Pan Keto Cheeseburger Casserole

I’m a huge fan of casseroles. They’re so hearty, comforting, and filling. This keto cheeseburger casserole skillet is one of my favorite casserole recipes. It’s rich, full of melted cheese, and loaded with meat. It has all your favorite cheeseburger elements: ground beef, bacon, cheese, mustard, and onions. But because it’s a casserole rather than served on a bun, it’s keto-friendly.

It’s also super easy to make. This decadent dinner takes only 20 minutes to make. That means you can whip it up after work in the middle of the week. If you love burgers and casseroles as much as I do, then you’ve got to give this recipe a try.

Why You’ll Love this Cheesy Keto Dinner

I make this casserole skillet all the time. Here’s why I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

  • Quick and easy. The flavors in this cheeseburger casserole are complex. But making it is not. This recipe only uses ingredients that you likely already have in your fridge or pantry. And best of all, it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish!
  • Super rich. Sometimes a decadent and hearty meal is exactly what I’m craving. When that’s what I want, this recipe hits the spot. It has ground beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese. It’s packed full of rich ingredients.
  • Storable. I’m a big fan of having convenient meals. Not only is this recipe quick and easy to make, but it’s great for storing in the fridge or freezer. You can make a large batch of this keto cheeseburger casserole and have easy leftovers for a long time.
  • No mess. This is a one-pot meal. So you won’t be left with a messy kitchen after making this delicious dinner.


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