10 common mistakes we make when doing laundry (and how to avoid them) | May 4, 2024


It doesn’t matter if your washing machine is front-loading or top-loading, if it is also a dryer or if you have the latest model: there are mistakes that are frequent and that you are probably making too .

In this article we list the 10 most frequent mistakes we make when doing laundry .

These errors can give us terrible results: laundry that is less clean than expected, smelly, creased or even ruined forever. In addition to listing the errors, we also suggest tricks to prevent and avoid them.

1. Don’t divide your laundry


It may happen, due to lack of time or ignorance, that you put a collection of different fabrics in the washing machine. A widespread practice that ruins and ages our favorite clothes. Lint and fabric balls are just the first and most obvious signs that you aren’t sorting your laundry.

In addition to dividing your laundry according to fabrics and colours, also remember to read the labels and follow the instructions to the letter.

2. Do not treat stains before washing clothes

It may happen that you stain your laundry with products that are difficult to remove. A clear example is grease stains. This type of stain must be pre-treated before washing the laundry in the washing machine.


Among the most difficult stains to remove are sweat stains, which form on white laundry and become practically permanent. To remove these stains, pre-treat them with baking soda and vinegar.

3. Overload the washing machine

It happens more often than you might imagine. On the one hand, it is believed that the more you fill the washing machine, the more water and electricity you save. Washing machines are classified according to the maximum weight they support for each wash cycle. Read the instructions and stick to them.


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