Atlantic Beach Pie (Page 2 ) | July 30, 2023

With the filling and crust made, the only other ingredients you’ll need are heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar for a fluffy whipped cream topping. A bit of citrus zest makes a lovely finishing touch!


A Saltine Cracker Crust, Really?
While you may balk when you see the first ingredient in this pie, trust Chef Smith—the salty crackers make the ideal base for such a sweet, luscious filling.

While some reviewers of the recipe for Atlantic Beach Pie on Southern Living note that a graham cracker crust—the likes of which Key lime pie fans are already well acquainted with—would make a good stand-in, the truth is that Saltines add a lovely hit of salt that balance out the sweetness of the filling. The only hiccup? Some reviewers note that a Saltine crust goes stale more quickly than a graham cracker one, so be sure to gobble up any leftovers quickly. (It shouldn’t be hard!)

How To Make Atlantic Beach Pie
To make Atlantic Beach Pie, you’ll begin with the crust:


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