Very dirty mop, don’t buy it again: a drop of this ingredient and it will be new again | February 8, 2024


Mop for very dirty floors, we use it at any time of the day to remove any type of dirt, with the addition of hundreds of chemicals.

To make sure you clean the floor thoroughly, disinfecting it effectively and therefore eliminating germs and bacteria, you need to wash the mop every time you use it.

Like all the utensils we use at home, the mop also requires attention, hygiene and cleaning. Very comfortable and easy to use, very practical because with one pass the floors are clean, shiny and dry , but if the mop is not as clean as it should be, should the work done is practically zero, useless.

When to wash the mop and retrieve it and when to throw it away

Normally when the mop is dirty you think about throwing it away and buying another one . This behavior is incorrect, because the mop is only thrown into the trash when it is irreversibly worn and therefore it is impossible to clean it properly , as is done with the rags.


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