CAKE with MARIA Biscuits – No Baking, Delicious and QUICK TO MAKE | May 14, 2024


Recipes that are simple and fast to prepare are in high demand during times when we are in a rush and time is not only scarce but also inadequate. In addition, when it comes to sweets, a cake that does not need baking is the ideal way to amaze your visitors without having to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. There is no need to bake this delectable cake since it can be produced in just a few easy steps. How about we all work together to figure out how to prepare this delicious dessert?

component parts

Maria biscuits or digestion biscuits, in the amount of 400 grams

500 milliliters of milk
30-grams of corn starch
a total of 150 grams of sugar


There are two tablespoons of vanilla extract.
butter weighing 200 grams and being at room temperature
An optional amount of cocoa, two teaspoons
Depending on the individual’s preferences, decorations such as chocolate flakes, almonds, fruits, and so on

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