Orchids, fertilizer at no cost: never seen before so lush (Page 2 ) | January 13, 2024

How to make natural fertilizer

All you have to do to make this  miracle fertilizer  is use 4 cloves of  garlic  and soak them in hot water. There are people who remove the garlic after making the infusion, while there are people who leave the cloves. The important thing is that the  infusion  rests for at least 24 hours, so that the water absorbs all the nutrients of the ingredient. We recommend letting the infusion sit  in the dark  , this will make it even stronger and more nutritious. After making the infusion, you can proceed by pouring the right amount over your plants. This natural fertilizer should not only be used sporadically, but should in fact be  alternated with normal watering  . And above all remember that garlic fertilizer should never be used to wet the  leaves  , but to wet the earth with its roots. Also make sure that every time you add fertilizer, there is no  stagnation


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