The lemon whip trick: try it and you won’t believe it! | April 13, 2024


The broom is one of the oldest and most used cleaning tools in history. With daily use, the bristles wear out as they pick up dirt from the floor. Over time, this can affect functionality.

Therefore, it should always be kept in good condition to remove traces of dirt and stored in a dust-free cabinet.

And if that were not enough, here we explain how to keep it looking new with this ingenious method!

The lemon whip trick: try it, you won’t believe your eyes! The broom is the perfect accessory for cleaning the floors of your home, patio, porch and garden. However, as dust builds up on the bristles, over time they begin to harden and no longer do their job properly.


To soften it in no time, squeeze two or three lemons by hand or with a juicer. Filter and pour into a saucepan. Heat it a little and then spray it on the broom. Let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing with tap water or the terrace or garden pump. Allow to air dry before use. After that you won’t believe your eyes: the bristles are once again very soft and effective and your broom is like new.

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