Sprinkle a spoonful over it and you will see the orchid’s flowers and roots growing uninterrupted (Page 2 ) | January 13, 2024

If a flower like  the orchid  has a good soil environment and a good dose of nutrients, the plant will grow much stronger and we will certainly see much more showy flowers. Obviously, for those who love greenery, it is trivial to say that a  good fertilizer helps in the mission. However, it is not that obvious. In fact, things can go wrong, but there is a cure that few people know about.


How to care for an orchid, a spoonful of this natural fertilizer is enough

If we decide to plant a lot of orchids, it is not uncommon  to discover rot in the plant itself or in the leaves. That is why we must act immediately when we notice this situation. First of all, the rotting part must  be cut off immediately  and the pot in which the affected orchid is located must be isolated from the others to avoid affecting it.

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