5 Grandma’s Tips to Eliminate the Sewer Smell in the Bathroom | May 20, 2024


The sewer smell that sometimes comes from the bathroom drain is extremely annoying. Generally, it results from pipes and the siphon which are blocked by an accumulation of dirt, such as product residues, hair or other bacteria. A very common phenomenon but which requires a quick solution.
When this happens, the main source is from the drainage pipes, so this is where you need to take action to combat bad odors. And the problem is rather difficult to eliminate.

Are your bathroom pipes letting out an unpleasant smell of sewer? There are several methods to banish these unbearable scents by simply using natural ingredients that you probably already have at home.

Here are some practical tips to solve the problem and get rid of all those foul odors!

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Lemon – Source: spm
If you can’t really stand the strong scent of vinegar, you can fall back on lemon. This citrus fruit with a thousand virtues is the perfect alternative to eliminate the sewer odors that invade the room. As a bonus, it will leave a very pleasant lemony scent in the bathroom.


Plus, this method is extremely simple! Simply add the juice of 3 lemons to a bucket of boiling water. Pour the bucket into the various pipes and leave to act for several hours or overnight before using the water again in the bath. No more bad smells!

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