Found this hidden behind a cabinet in our new home. What is it used for? | May 15, 2024


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Found this hidden behind a cabinet in our new home. What is it used for?

More info:

Found this in our new house. It pulls out from the side of our cabinet and extends as shown. There’s some random screw holes in it and a light on the other side (that matches our under cabinet lights).


Some additional info…the cabinet is probably 2” inches deep and 2.5’ tall by 2’ wide. The board that pulls out extends about 18” past the cabinet.

To debunk the spice rack idea: it faces away from the kitchen, and doesn’t have a screw pattern that would support shelves. It also doesn’t make sense with the board that pulls out.

To debunk the gun rack: why the board that pulls out? Also 2” doesn’t seem like a lot – but I’m not particularly familiar with guns.

To debunk the sun blocker: Why the screw holes? Or the depth on the cabinet?


Also, it was a foreclosure, so we can’t ask the previous owner.

Might be wrong & it might be one of the things suggested – but it just doesn’t really make sense.

PS: it’s our new husky puppy – not a cat lol

Some of the comments here:

Looks like a spot for a calendar or maybe to hang recipes while cooking?
Could you fit a dartboard under the light? With the light and the depth, I’m 100% down with the dart board theory.
Most likely had some sort of hooks on the back side between the 2x4s. Perfect place for a few firearms. Most likely, prior owner was a firearms owner. There’s companies that make these sorts of hidden compartments. Looks like previous owner just did it himself.
Some observations;
This was no hasty addition, it was thought out and properly installed. Whatever it is, it’s probably does it’s job very well. So any guesses at ‘shitty X or Y’ are straight out. Dartboard is also out as it’s not regulation height (in addition to it being in a weird location).
This was probably not something completely secret or illegal. Someone could easily discover it if they lived in the house, as you did, not even knowing that there was something to discover. The clever design is probably only aesthetic, then. So no ‘showing off drugs to clients in the living room’ or anything.


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