Throw some salt down the shower drain, why do so many people do it? | April 13, 2024


Salt can become an excellent ally not only in nutrition, for food preservation and also used in shower or sink drains.

Sink and shower drains can easily be a vehicle for insects such as cockroaches, carriers of bacteria that adapt to any environment and reproduce quickly, spreading diseases among the inhabitants of a home.

Bacteria and cockroaches in the house pipes

One of the main places where we can find cockroaches are the pipes in our home . How can we eliminate insects and bacteria that can make their home in our homes?

The option of using chemicals may undoubtedly seem like the best and fastest option, but it would not be a good idea, if we think about our health and that of the planet.


To avoid the presence of bacteria and the possible arrival of cockroaches into homes, the first thing we must do is clean the drains periodically and thoroughly to reach even hard-to-reach areas.

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