Revive a faded orchid thanks to the florists’ trick: it will bloom again | November 14, 2023


How to revive an orchid so that it blooms again?

In order for your orchids to last as long as possible, they need to be well maintained. These indoor plants with white, yellow or blue flowers are very sensitive to cold. Even if they don’t require much attention, sometimes  these flowers fade depending on their variety and season.  To revive your orchids, you can simply adopt this trick. It will allow you to save your houseplant without buying another one.

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  • Cut the stems of your wilted orchids

To save your orchid, you must first remove all the faded flowers and let your plant rest for a few days before  starting the procedure.  Position yourself at the base of the orchid, count two buds and then cut one of the stems one centimeter above the third bud and below the stem so that your orchid has beautiful growth again. In addition, it will encourage the production of new flowers. After some time, a first sprout should appear accompanied by small sprouts. Later, after 2 to 3 months, a second flowering may take place. By following this advice to the letter, your orchids could, in fact, continue to bloom for another three to five years.


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