Add a spoonful to the water and water the peace lily. New leaves will appear quickly | November 14, 2023


How to maintain the peace lily?

It’s no secret that plants grow faster when properly cared for. This is the case of the peace lily which can grow extremely quickly and reach around 1 meter in height. Indoors, exposed to light or shade, spathiphyllum adapts and thrives, regardless of the season. However, adjusting shading and light will preserve its leaves from drying out while promoting its growth. Furthermore, it is between May and October that its flowering is most abundant. Here are some tips that will help you maintain it.

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I repot every year

It is important to repot the spathiphyllum every year and more precisely in spring, before it matures. Once adult, it is sufficient to make a surface by replacing the upper layer of earth on more or less 4 cm. In spring, monthly addition of special fertilizing green plants will be a plus. You can also add drainage to the bottom of the pot when repotting. This will absorb excess irrigation water.

Observe the feuillage

Like other plants in tropical areas, the peace lily loves humidity. In the prolonged absence of watering, it may therefore happen that it withers. In this case, it is enough to water it so that its foliage straightens naturally. However, without water for several weeks the plant can wilt and dry out. In this case, it would be wise to place the pot in a tray filled with water for several hours to bring it back to life. And as any good gardener will advise you, you will need to regularly remove dead leaves.


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