How to transform an old dress into a pretty skirt? | May 18, 2024


Every morning, it’s the same story! You open the closet when you’re getting dressed and you stand there for a good ten minutes, looking at your clothes, because you don’t know what to put on! Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams and yet… These jeans are too tight, this dress is too short, this sweater doesn’t flatter us,… Piles and piles of clothes piled up in your wardrobe, which you have never put and do not intend to put!

What are you waiting for to get them out of there! Why not donate what you no longer like and recycle the pieces that are important to you and that you can’t part with? Yes, yes, that dress over there in the back for example! The one that reminds you of your wonderful birthday last year! It may no longer suit you, but you can bring it back to life and wear it again in a completely different way!

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