Why you would put fabric softener in toilet paper: Brilliant | May 23, 2024


Why should you pour fabric softener into toilet paper, the result is really awesome.

Pouring fabric softener on toilet paper  , why? The result seems really ingenious and surprising.

Toilet paper has  been on the market and in every one of our households for centuries  . It was specifically invented in the West around the middle of the 19th century.

However, it was already used in the East from 1300. It is certainly something we can no longer do without.


It is an accessory that is not missing in our homes precisely because it is essential for our hygiene.

Much later  , fabric softener came onto the market,  a detergent used after washing to soften cotton fabrics.

To achieve the same effect, people once used  a mixture of soap and oil. This mixture used to leave a smooth film on clothing.

Fabric softener and toilet paper, the surprising remedy


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