How to reproduce the Poinsettia from a twig | December 1, 2023


The poinsettia is a shrub that grows very well outdoors and is easy to care for indoors. It has a flower that culminates it, and in general it is red, but you can also find it in white, yellow or pink.

Always keep in mind that depending on the country you live in, the temperatures will be opposite in certain months.

Next, we teach you how to reproduce poinsettia by cuttings and get new, large and healthy plants.

Option number 1

  1. As a first step you should have your poinsettia plant well formed and grown.
  2. You will proceed to cut one of the trunks that come out of the substrate.
  3. Once you have the trunk, you will see that it comes with the flower and the leaves. Then, you cut the flower (trying to cut it above some knot).
  4. Regarding the short leaves, each leaf in half, that is, you will only have the half that is attached to the trunk, so you will have a trunk with leaves in halves.
  5. In a glass you put water, if it is from rain much better.
  6. Once you have the glass, you place the trunk and make sure that it is always covered by water. If the glass gets empty, you pour more water.
  7. Now you place the glass inside your house, but in a place that gives it light, not direct sunlight, and wait a couple of months.


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