Faded black clothes: learn how to wash them to reinforce the color | May 23, 2024


Black clothes: how to wash them without discoloring them.

Black or dark clothes cannot be missing from anyone’s closet. Black adds a touch of elegance and is among the most suitable colors for serious and formal occasions.

But as always there is a but: black or dark clothes can cause washing problems , in the sense that if you are not careful they can fade easily.

This may depend on several factors: washing too often or mistakes we may make when washing clothes.


Below we explain how you can avoid ruining your dark clothes, also using some natural remedies.

Black clothes: how to wash them without discoloring them
with vinegar

Vinegar is a natural limescale remover, but it can also work as a fabric softener and anti-odor. For what interests us here, it is worth highlighting that vinegar has the ability to revive and fix colors.

In short: a little white wine or apple cider vinegar, either by hand or in the washing machine, can restore shine to colors and make them last over time.


I only need a cup to add to the final rinse.

With salt

You only need half a cup directly in the basket . This little “trick” is enough to prevent or limit the fading of black clothes, especially if they are new.

With baking soda

It eliminates bad odors and revives light-colored clothes, but at the same time helps us wash black clothes safely and effectively. Half a cup in the washing machine drum : your dark clothes will thank you.


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With coffe

Approximately two cups of black tea or coffee during the rinse cycle . The black will be much more intense.


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