“SHOCKING: Kathy Griffin Admits Infamous Trump Photo Led to Loss of 1/3 of Her Fans!” (Page 1 ) | June 5, 2024

**Kathy Griffin Reveals Shocking Truth: Trump’s Severed Head Stunt Cost Her a THIRD of Her Fans!**


Comedian Kathy Griffin dropped a bombshell on Dan Le Batard’s “South Beach Sessions” podcast, revealing that her controversial 2017 photo holding a replica severed head of then-President Donald Trump led to a devastating loss—one-third of her fans gone, possibly for good.

**”It breaks my heart,”** Griffin confessed. **”I’ve probably permanently lost about a third of my audience because of the Trump thing.”** She noted that while she gained some new, politically-minded followers, she lost a significant chunk of her Southern fanbase, who previously loved her celebrity roasts.

But that’s not all! Griffin opened up about the toll the fallout took on her mental health, admitting she resorts to meowing like a cat to cope with stress and PTSD. Her unique method, which she calls “cat-cow” yoga, involves getting on all fours and arching her back while meowing. **”I feel like a fu**ing fool, but I do it,”** she shared.

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“And then I un-arch my back and — wait for it — I ‘moo’ like a cow,” Griffin added. “PTSD is brutal, and when I have an episode, I can’t stop vomiting. So if I need to meow like a cat and moo like a cow, I’m going to do it.”

The comedian also admitted that her intense hatred for Trump landed her in a psychiatric ward after the infamous photoshoot. “I was out of work for six years because of that,” she exclaimed, waving her arms. “All because of a picture! A picture mocking the president!” Griffin said during an appearance on “The View.”

“No-fly list, INTERPOL list, stopped at every airport,” she continued. “Pill addiction, suicide attempt, and I was on a psych hold for three days.”


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