Vinegar: your precious ally to effectively clean these surfaces without damaging them! | June 2, 2024


Every day we hear that vinegar is a perfect ally when it comes to cleaning the home. In fact, it is an effective and economical product compared to other cleaning products on the market.

Thus, when you run out of detergent for a certain cleaning job, you can do it using vinegar, which will give you a very satisfactory result.

This remedy is especially effective and, above all, less expensive. In addition, it is more respectful of the environment than other products on the market, considered polluting and harmful.

In general, you can use the vinegar used in cooking, such as white or red wine vinegar. There is also alcohol vinegar or white distillate, which has an acetic acid concentration of around 5%.


Vinegar: cleans almost everything

If we talk about domestic surfaces, in general vinegar can clean everything. But be careful, there are some surfaces that are a bit fragile and it is not advisable to use it.

For example, you should avoid using vinegar on wooden floors or furniture, unless you use a very small amount to dilute it with other products. Marble and granite are also surfaces that do not mix well with vinegar.

However, if you dilute vinegar with water in equal amounts, you can clean a wide variety of things.


Windows and mirrors

Vinegar is a powerful degreaser that can remove stubborn dirt and limescale. If you apply it to windows and mirrors, these surfaces will shine like new.

Dilute the vinegar in distilled water, preferably, and then use this solution to clean the surface with a soft microfiber cloth. Make circular movements to leave the crystals shiny and streak-free.


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