Pouring oil from a can of tuna down the sink is a bad idea: here’s why | June 2, 2024


The classic canned tuna in oil is very often used in our dishes, whether as a garnish for a salad, to make a delicious sandwich or as an accompaniment to a cold dish. Especially because it is quick and easy to prepare. But where is oil usually dumped? In the kitchen sink, right? Sometimes even in the bathrooms. It is a reflex that almost all of us have and that in itself seems very logical.

In addition to being a bad idea: you don’t realize it, but this action can significantly damage the environment and cause unexpected problems at home. Find out why it is absolutely necessary to change this bad habit.

Why should we avoid throwing this oil down the sink?

Surely it will seem normal to you to throw away this oil that you do not consume. Except, like cooking oils, it is not recyclable and therefore pollutes the environment. But it doesn’t stop there: once poured down the sink, it can also cause blockages in the pipes. This causes unpleasant odors and stagnation. And you should avoid using equally polluting and harmful chemicals to clean the sink. So, to avoid all these inconveniences, it is better to get used to not pouring this oil into the sink or toilet.

But how to get rid of it? The best solution is to pour the oil into a jar or bottle, as if it were frying oil. Store it in a cool place before sending it to a special collection point for used edible oils.

Canned tuna oil: an omega 3 concentrate


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