Hands down, when we are in a party mood, this is the only drink we’re having! | February 5, 2024

Remember the days when hospitality was all about offering a chilled, sweet drink to anyone who wandered down your gravel driveway? Well, things haven’t changed much. There’s one drink that always takes me back to those balmy summer evenings spent on the front porch, immersed in tales and tastes: the Pina Colada. Born on the sunny beaches of Puerto Rico, this tropical delight has captured the hearts of people worldwide. It’s a delicious mix of creamy coconut, zesty pineapple, and smooth rum, capable of transporting you to a serene beach with each frothy gulp. Picture blending up this concoction as fireflies flicker and cornstalks rustle in the evening breeze. Crafting a Pina Colada is more than just a remedy for the heat; it’s about creating cherished memories.
When it comes to accompanying this delightful drink, think light and easy. A plate of appetizers, like coconut shrimp or pineapple cheese bites, pairs wonderfully. As dusk sets in, a piece of angel food cake or a serving of homemade pineapple ice cream completes the evening beautifully.
Classic Pina Colada Recipe
Servings: About 4 generous servings

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