Here’s How to Remove White Patina from Glasses and Make Them Shiny with a Genius Trick | February 15, 2024


Over time, glasses can tarnish and lose their former shine. A sort of white patina appears and alters the transparency and shine of the glasses.

Traces of limescale and corrosion are the main causes of this white veil which appears on the glassware. Whether you choose to wash in the dishwasher or by hand, these stubborn stains are difficult to remove.

Here are some grandma’s tips that help remove stubborn stains and make glasses clean and shiny.

Do you want to offer your guests a drink, but your glasses seem dull and lack shine? Don’t worry, there are solutions to get rid of white marks on lenses.


To wipe the windows and make them shine, black soap, dishwashing liquid, lemon juice or even spirit vinegar are proven cleaning products. But what about tarnished glasses that have lost their shine?

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