How to bleach socks to make them super white again (Page 1 ) | January 4, 2024


Staying at home pleases everyone and definitely has its benefits, but it also means more cleanliness. For example, if we have a good habit of being without shoes at home, we probably wear socks and they are almost always white.

Although they are super comfortable, white socks tend to get so dirty and ruined. Sometimes a simple wash cycle is not enough to remove dark stains from socks, and sometimes we even throw them in the trash.

Below we suggest natural methods to whiten white socks and restore them to their original color without using toxic products.

First method. Pour two tablespoons of salt into a liter of warm water and soak your socks in it for at least 10 minutes. To increase the effectiveness of the method you can add a little liquid detergent. Then wash the socks normally and rinse them.


Second method. Put the socks in a bucket filled with one liter of water and 250 ml of lemon juice. Wait one hour and then rinse well. Dry in the sun.

Third method. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with the juice of half a lemon until creamy. Apply directly to sock stains and wait 10 minutes before rinsing. Afterwards, wash by hand and dry in the sun.

Now that you know how to bleach white socks, avoid throwing them away and quickly restore them to their original appearance.


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