How to eliminate humidity in the ceiling and walls of your house | February 19, 2024


During the year there is always a very dense season of rain and humidity. To combat them, I give you some homemade preparations to combat humidity and bad odors:

1.For leaks

  1. Cement 200gr
  2. Marmolina 200gr
  3. Roof waterproofing liquid sealant 150ml
  4. Water 1/2 liter
  5. 1 stick to stir the mixture, preferably wooden
  6. Giants, broom, bucket, spatula and brush.


Remove the excess with the broom, mix the cement with the marble and add the sealant and water. Once done, apply it with the broom on the surface to be repaired. After this fill the gaps with the preparation.


2. To waterproof you will need 

  1. Cal 1/2 kg
  2. White soap 2 bars (grated)
  3. Potassium alum 1/2 kg (in parts)
  4. Water 1 20 liter bucket (use only c/n)


  • Clean the surface to be worked on, prepare the mixture in equal parts of water and lime and heat it over medium heat until it comes to a boil.
  • Following this, add (off the heat) the grated soap and potassium alum and stir until dissolved. Apply the preparation to the surface, then wait for it to dry and repeat the previous procedure, but crosswise, to reinforce.

3. To eliminate humidity from the walls you will need

  • Hard bristle brush
  • 1 Bottle of muriatic acid
  • 1 container with soap and water
  • Cement and brush


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