How to Grow and Maintain a Christmas Cactus for a Long Time | November 26, 2023

  1. When does the Christmas cactus bloom?
    The Cacraceae can have different flowering periods, but what characterizes the Christmas cactus is the fact that its flowers bloom just as the end-of-year holidays are approaching, hence the name of this wild plant native to Brazil and other parts from Latin America which was imported into Europe as a houseplant.

You can admire the flowers of the Christmas cactus between December and January. Their colors can vary from pink to red and from purple to red-purple. So that the flower buds do not wither before flowering, the Christmas cactus should be carefully kept away from drafts and heat sources. The Christmas cactus should therefore not be placed near a frequently opened door or too close to a fireplace, stove or radiator.

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