How to Grow Succulents That Look Like Fairytale Roses | November 29, 2023


Greenovia dodrentalis succulents have curved, layered petals that make them look like roses. You can find them in the Canary Islands, they look like something out of a fairy tale.

In a pot it is easy to follow these steps and learn how to plant, cultivate and care for this succulent. Additionally, Greenovia aurea is a rose-shaped succulent and one of nature’s most efficient plants, and one of the easiest to propagate.

The best place to grow Greenovia aurea is in full or partial sun with sandy, well-drained soil. The best time to plant is in spring.

The succulent Greenovia aurea can survive short-term without sunlight. However, the timing will depend on the species of Greenovia aurea.


Additionally, most Greenovia aurea succulents can survive 10 to 14 days without sunlight.

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