How to remove dried blood stains on fabrics without bleach | February 16, 2024


A cut, a pimple that pops, or a menstrual period in the middle of the night can cause blood stains on our clothes or bed.

Fortunately, today it is much easier than in the past  to remove these organic residues  from clothing and fabrics. But how? Very easy. You just need to know some tricks and compare them for their great effectiveness.

How to remove dried blood stains

Blood stains have a reputation for being very difficult to remove  , but if they are dried blood stains the problem is greater. We try to dispel this myth by explaining which are the best products to clean dried and fresh blood stains.

In the case of blood stains, a lot depends on the material on which the drop fell. Now, if we want to highlight a false myth that  will make it practically impossible to remove the stain: use hot water.


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