Learn to Grow Potatoes in a Pot – Step by Step | December 1, 2023


One of the most used ingredients in the world can be grown in just a pot. We are talking about the potato, a tuber that you can use in a lot of recipes.

You may not notice the difference in taste, but in terms of properties and benefits for our body they change a lot.

You need:

  • Seed potatoes (they are not for consumption, their use is intended for replanting).
  • Flower pot
  • Land (if you don’t have you can buy land especially for planting in a nursery).



In a container with separators we place the potatoes. The “ eye ”, a kind of spot or wound on the tip of the potato, has to be looking at the sky.

We leave it in a cool place and watch each day to see if it sprouts. When the shoots are big and strong, cut the potatoes into parts.


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