Melting Moment Logs | September 18, 2023


These light and fluffy cookies are prepared with cornstarch, which is what gives them that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Simply flavoured with a bit of vanilla extract, confectioner’s sugar, and butter, Melting Moment Logs are easy to prepare and must be featured in your holiday baking this year!

These cookies are so easy to make; I’m almost ashamed of myself for posting this recipe to my blog. Really! They take very little effort and almost no ingredients. Melting Moment Logs will no doubt be a go-to cookie recipe for you as well.

Trust me, if you’re waiting until the last minute to start your holiday baking, or if you’re looking for a great holiday-inspired cookie to bring to a potluck or to give a friend or neighbour as a gift, then you should really look no further!

Every year it seems that I come out of my 24 Cookies of Christmas series with a personal favourite. And, even though I have not yet finished the series, this one is already very high on the list. In fact, as of this very moment, it is at the top! And, as if they weren’t already delicious enough on their own, I dare you to try one or two of these with a hot cup of coffee or tea after a long day of Christmas shopping at the mall. They’re just what you need after a day of dealing with crowds.


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