MONTEREY SAUSAGE PIE | August 14, 2023



Preparation Time: For about 15 minutes.

Cooking Time: For about 25 minutes.

Total Time: For about 40 minutes.

Servings: This recipe makes about 6 servings.


Hello foodies!!
Step into the world of culinary delight with our captivating Monterey Sausage Pie—a gastronomic masterpiece that captures the essence of comfort and indulgence!!
In this recipe, the finest bulk pork sausage is lovingly cooked to perfection, infusing your kitchen with an aroma that tantalizes the senses. The addition of minced garlic adds a subtle yet enticing layer of complexity, while the generous amount of shredded Monterey Jack cheese creates a velvety and indulgent texture that promises to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Crafted with care and precision, this pie presents a symphony of flavors that harmoniously blend. The carefully selected combination of rubbed sage and pepper lends a hint of earthy warmth, invoking a sense of nostalgia and home-cooked goodness. The batter, a thoughtful fusion of milk, eggs, biscuit/baking mix, and spices forms a luscious base that envelops the savory sausage mixture, creating a culinary canvas that is both inviting and comforting. As this masterpiece bakes, the anticipation grows, and your kitchen becomes a sanctuary of aromas and anticipation. The golden-brown crust forms a protective cocoon around the medley of flavors within, ensuring that each bite is a tantalizing revelation. When the moment of truth arrives and you cut into the pie, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment washes over you. Garnished with a final flourish of melted Monterey Jack cheese, the pie emerges from the oven as a vision of culinary splendor—a testament to your culinary prowess. As you allow it to rest, the flavors meld and deepen, promising a symphony of taste sensations that are well worth the wait.
Whether shared with loved ones or savored in solitude, our Monterey Sausage Pie transcends mere sustenance. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in the art of cooking, to explore the magic that happens when simple ingredients combine to create something truly extraordinary. With its rich flavors, inviting textures, and the joy it brings to every bite, our Monterey Sausage Pie is more than a recipe; it is a culinary journey that beckons you to experience the world of taste in all its splendor.


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