Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies | September 18, 2023


These delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies add a nutty flavor to a classic sweet treat! Creamy peanut butter and chopped pieces enhance the taste. The soft and chewy centers and crisp, buttery edges are perfect for dunking into a glass of milk!

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It isn’t easy to choose betweenpeanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Why not have both? This peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe combines iconic flavors for the ultimate experience! I use two types of peanuts, so each bite bursts with nutty notes, complementing the melty cocoa-infused chips.

The cookie dough base is made using brown butter. Taking a few extra minutes to toast the milk solids in the butter creates butterscotch flavors to complement the chocolate and nuts. The delightful crunchy edges of the cookie complement the dense and chewy centers. These are great for making ahead and serving warm or giving as a tasty holiday gift.


Prepare the dry ingredients

All-purpose flour gives the cookie a slightly chewy texture and thick structure. Baking soda is added to leaven the cookie, accelerate browning, and yield crisp edges. Whisk the ingredients together to disperse the fine particles together. This will ensure it’s evenly incorporated when mixing with the wet ingredients.

Brown the butter


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